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How to Choose Door Closer - Mounting of Door Closer

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Mounting of Overhead Door Closers

Overhead door closers are the most common, and they’re widely used throughout commercial properties. For example, interior doors in offices, conference doors, they are typically affixed with a door closer that automatically closes the door. Additionally, commercial front doors are also installed with a closer unit, and overhead units are a popular choice. There are four common mounting types of overhead door closers as below:

· Regular Arm Mounting: The regular arm, or standard arm, closer is with a pull-side application, meaning it is located on the exterior of the door. In these applications, the arm is consist of main arm and forearm, forearm attached to the frame and main arm to door closer body on the pull-side of the door. When the door is closed, the main arm is perpendicularly from the door, which is less attractive than other applications. This is the most power-efficient option available.


· Top Jamb Mounting: Top jamb mount door closers, the same with regular arm closers which the main arm is perpendicularly from the door. But the biggest difference is that the door closer body is mounted on the face of the door frame. These are often used for aluminum or glass store front doors, because these doors generally have narrow top rails. Like regular arm closers, top jamb closers are fairly power efficient.


· Parallel Arm Mounting: With a parallel arm application, the main arm is parallel with the door when the door closer is mounted. Parallel arm door closers are one of the most common applications, particularly in commercial properties and schools, because they reduce the risk of vandalism to the arm and they are more attractive than other overhead options. Due to the geometry of the arm, it is approximately 25% less power efficient than Regular Arm or Top Jamb mounting.


· Sliding Track Arm Mounting: normally the door closer body is mounted on the door, while the sliding track arm is mounted on or under the frame of the door. Compared with the above three mounting methods, its power efficiency is the lowest, approximately 50% less than Regular Arm or Top Jamb mounting.




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