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How to Choose Door Closer - Application and Products Standard

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Application and Products Standard


1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ANSI / BHMA A156.4, UL10C 3 hours fire rating

Door closers are generally classified in an ANSI Grade or Duty Cycle. This is to assist with choosing the right closer for the right application. They are 3 classes as below:

ANSI Grade 1 - 2 million cycles required, best for medium to high traffic such as a store entrance, office or school. All of our American Style Door Closer are certified with Grade 1.

ANSI Grade 2 - 1 million cycles required, best for medium traffic such as a small office, or public restroom.

ANSI Grade 3 - 500,000 cycles required, best for low traffic such as closets, or residential applications.

Select the right grade: Door closer is typically listed as Grade 1, 2 or 3. Choose Grade 1 door closer for commercial applications or for doors subject to high levels of abuse. Grade 2 door closer can be used for light commercial and standard residential doors. Grade 3 door closer should be used on light residential applications, such as guest rooms or storage rooms. All of our UL Listed Door Closer meet the standard of Underwriter’s Laboratories.


American Style Door Closer        UL Listed Door Closer          CE Certified Door Closer         Economic Door Closer


2. European Standard - CEEN 1154 (Performance Test) and EN 1634 (Flammability Testing), rated for 500,000 cycles. All of our Ce Certified Door Closer are more than 500,000 cycles.


3. Chinese Industrial Standard: QB/T 2698-2005, “Door Closer for Fireproof Door”GA 93-2004 fire testing standard issued by the Ministry of Public Security of China.

a. Primary Standard (high operating frequency):≥ 1 million cycles

b. Secondary Standard (medium operating frequency):≥ 0.5 million cycles

Most of our Economic Door Closer and CCC Certified Door Closer are of Garde II.  

c. Standards of Grade 3 (low operating frequency):≥ 0.2 million cycles  



For more details, please view HOW TO CHOOSE DOOR CLOSER.




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