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Door Closer Choosing - Special Functions Optional

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Special Functions Optional


Except for adjustable closing (sweeping) speed and latching speed, there are more functions to be optional:


1.  Sweep speed control

Sweep speed (door closing speed) is the time frame form the start of the door closing to a couple inches before the door hits it latch point. The last few inches of closing are controlled via the latch speed valve if one is included. 


2.  Latch speed Control


The Latch Zone is the last few inches before the door hits it latch point. This closing zone is controlled via the latch speed valve. 

Note: A properly adjusted door closer latch speed should never slam the door closed causing stress on the door and frame. 




3.  Hold Open (HO) Arm

Hold Open is the ability of the door closer to hold the door in the open position. Most overhead door closers achieve this function via a special type arm (Hold Open Arm)
Warning Note: Most local building codes do not allow the installation of any type of door hardware that holds "Fire Doors" in the open position. 

4.  Back Check (BC)

Backcheck slows the door during open the door in the opening swing to keep it from hitting an adjacent wall or having wind throw it out of your control.


Backcheck resistance should only be felt near the fully open positiondetails see installation instructions.
Notes: Backcheck is not a door stop. Most of our Grade 1 door closers offer fully adjustable Backcheck. 


All closers on exterior doors should have backcheck as well as doors that may swing into a nearby cabinet or wall.

5.  Delayed Action (DA) and ADA Standard

A delayed action closer offers a period of delay from when the door begins the close function. This is helpful for doors that are used by wheelchair users or people pushing strollers or chopping carts. It is also required for many entrance doors that are subject to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. Check the ADA website or consult with your local building inspector to determine if delayed action is needed.


For more details, please view HOW TO CHOOSE DOOR CLOSER.




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