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Key Point of Design and Door Closer Choosing

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Key Point of Design & Choosing


1. Usage occasion:please refer to“Guide for selection of Dorrenhaus door closer”

2. Operating frequency:Grade I for high working frequency, for example: station, hotel, shopping mall, resteraunt, exhibition center, workshop of plant, landing-answer doors; Grade II for medium working frequency, such as office of commercial building, meeting room, school, chamber or club; Grade III for low working frequency, for instance: machine room, warehouse etc.

3. Material of door : different door material need different door closer accessories (screw).

4. Width and weight :

If you look at a door hung on butt hinges and equipped with a door closer from above, it looks something like this:


You see from the illustration that the door closer closes the door by exerting force on a point about eight or ten inches from the hinge side of the door.  To see what this means, find a door without door closer and open the door.  Now put your hand a foot away from the hinge side of the door and push the door to close.  Pretty difficult, isn’t it?  If your door was wider, it would be even harder to close from that point. This is why door closer size – that is, spring strength – is determined by the width of the door rather than the weight.

For a three foot wide exterior door, you would normally adjust your door closer to be a size four. For a four foot wide exterior door you would adjust your door closer to be a size five. Therefore, if you have a four foot wide exterior door, you had better buy a closer that can be adjusted to a size five.

5. Size of door frame:  if the frame is narrow, no space to install door closer arm, then parallel-mounting plate is needed for parallel arm installation.

6. Opening angle of door: if 180 degree opening angle is needed, then European Style Door Closer or CE Certified Door Closer is recommended.

7. Installation methodsregular (standard) installaton, top jam installation, parallel arm installation, sliding arm installation (Sliding Arm Door Closer), concealed installation.

8. Special functionincluding Back check (BC), Hold open (HO), Delayed action (DA) and ADA standard etc. HO & BC function are optional for all of our European Style Door Closer;  BC , HO & DA function are optional for all of our American Style Door Closer


For more details, please view links to How to Choose Door Closer

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